Cybersex Addiction
Clergy and Pornography


Clergy and Pornography

Nearly 35% of christian pastors reported cybersex addiction is a current struggle - and related issues such as clergy and pornography and churches and cybersex can be complex issues for prevention and addiction intervention. IBC consultation services can help religious communities when churches and cybersex prevention or clergy and pornography addiction intervention are of interest.

Churches and Cybersex

IBC works with all religious and spiritual communities to address addiction prevention and addiction intervention - especially issues regarding cybersex addiction, pornography addiction, and sexual addiction issues. IBC faculty understand the complexities of addressing churches and cybersex, clergy and pornography, online safety, and other sexual issues while considering spirituality and morality. Sensitivity to these issues allows IBC consultation services into settings where churches and cybersex, clergy and pornography, and other sexual prevention and addiction intervention issues can be addressed in comfortable, non-threatening settings.

Prevention and Addiction Intervention Consultation Services

IBC consultation services include church leaders, pastors, religious officers, lay ministers, youth directors, church members, and others. Needs of these individuals range from prevention issues to addiction intervention and can address many problems including churches and cybersex, and clergy and pornography, among others. Contact IBC to find out how its prevention and consultation services can assist you and your spiritual group.