The combined clinical experience of IBC faculty provides tremendous opportunities for clinicians to receive training, supervision, and consultation on the assessment, prevention, and treatment of problematic Internet behaviors. IBC also assists practitioners and agencies develop structured programs that specifically address online problematic behaviors.

IBC offers seminars and trainings across the country to assist clinicians in the evaluation, intervention, and management of clients who have online problematic behaviors. These seminars offer the basic technical knowledge necessary to help clients with these problems, and introduces psychological concepts unique to problematic Internet users.


Internet cases are often a complex mix of technological, legal, and psychological issues. Because of this, clinicians need a foundation in each of these areas to best assist the problematic Internet users. IBC consultants come from various fields and backgrounds that help to keep information in these areas current and accurate. Clinical case consultation and clinical supervision is available by arrangement with various consultants of IBC depending on the specific case details. When you work with IBC, you are working with an international network of highly trained researchers, clinicians, and consultants.

Whether you are an individual in private practice, or part of a large health care system, IBC can help develop tracks and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of problematic Internet users. Effective programs can reach out to the estimated 2 million users who engage in problematic use of the Internet, including online sexuality, gaming, trading, and shopping/auctions.