School Safety, Online Safety, and Addiction Education in Schools

School Safety & Online Safety

Ninety percent of 15-24 year olds use the Internet. The Internet is the standard form of communication for teens, but it is also a primary area for teen addiction and online safety issues. Online gaming, online pornography, sex addiction, internet addiction, and cybersex addiction occur in both adults and adolescents. School safety issues combined with technology is a rapidly growing concern for students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. IBC provides online safety seminars, addiction counseling training, and addiction education & prevention information in many education settings.

K - 12 Educational Settings:



Higher Education Settings:

Teen Addiction & Addiction Education Issues

With an estimated 15 million Internet users under the age of 18, the Internet can change what children know and how they think, feel, and behave. Nothing compares to the attraction and influence of the Internet on kids and teens. Educational settings are often unsure how to deal with school safety issues when technology is involved. Teens report seeking online safety information from parents & educators with little success. IBC addresses issues such as school safety, online safety, cyberbullying, teen addiction to the Internet, and addiction education issues related to technology and cybersex among teens and young adults.

Addiction Education for Internet Issues

Fourteen percent of college students meet the criteria for Internet compulsivity, this is twice the general population (Young, 1999). Issues such as ease of access, amount of time spent online, developmental curiosity, and beliefs of invulnerability can lead to teen addiction in adolescents and young adults.

IBC serves as a resource to university administration and faculty, college counselors, resident directors/advisors and students on issues such as online safety, addiction counseling training, teen addiction, and general addiction education regarding the Internet and cybersex.