Legal Cases and Forensics

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Internet Behavior Consulting understands the complexities of legal cases when issues such as computer forensics, sex offender treatment, legal research, and expert witness testimony issues are involved. IBC provides consultation and training to probation/parole departments, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and sex offender treatment professionals who need information regarding legal cases and forensic issues regarding cybersex addiction and online sex offender treatment information.

Legal Research and Review, Expert Witness Testimony, and More

IBC assists attoryneys judges, juries, and clients clarify and articulate issues regarding computer forensics, cybersex addiction, online sex offender treatment, and other internet psychology issues in legal cases. Services include: Legal case research and review, expert witness consultation, expert witness testimony, forensic evaluations and services, and computer forensics consultation. For more information on the types of technology and computer forensics services provided by IBC click on the legal cases and forensics page below:

Legal Cases and Forensics Information