Human Resource Professionals & Employee Assistance Professionals:


Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each year to problematic Internet behavior. Whether the issue is sex sites, chatting, online gaming, shopping, or personal emails, more employers are being faced with the challenge of managing their employees’ online time.

The invention of peer-to-peer networks and file sharing has also decreased productivity while increasing the company’s liability. Forty-two percent of all file requests were for child pornography, and 38% were for copyrighted audio files.

Internet Behavior Consulting works closely with Human Resource Professionals and administrative managers to develop effective prevention and intervention plans for employees. IBC assesses the level of the current problem, trains management on dealing with problematic online behaviors, and develops an Acceptable Use Policy that manages employee’s online time, while respecting and trusting honest employees.

IBC works with a company’s internal or external Employee Assistance Program to provide the most effective treatment options and information to employees who are out of control with their online behavior. Individual case consultations can be arranged by contacting IBC.