Individuals, Couples & Families:

It is estimated that for every individual who struggles with a problematic behavior, an additional 12 people are also affected. Individuals, couples, and families are all affected when someone uses the Internet inappropriately. IBC can assist in the evaluation of problematic online behavior and provide therapeutic direction and referral services for individuals and their families.

An individual who struggles with inappropriate behavior on the Internet often finds themselves in a downward spiral of anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt. These thoughts and feelings often fuel the very behavior that they are trying to stop. Individuals who are out of control with their Internet behavior often experience consequences in interpersonal, occupational, and spiritual areas of their life. The false belief is that the individual can manage or stop the behavior on his or her own. IBC is the bridge to evaluating the seriousness of the problem and connecting the individual to resources that will assist in accomplishing their goals.

Aside from the individual, the partner is often the person most affected by these problematic behaviors. The partner of a problematic Internet user often struggles with questions and concerns of their own. Identifying how to help themselves, while being helpful to the compulsive partner is a delicate balancing act that can only be achieved with the help of professionals and support groups. IBC provides evaluations for partners to help them work through issues such as disclosure, boundaries, healthy sexuality, as well as partner healing and recovery.

Other family members may also be affected by a person's problematic online behavior. Children, siblings, parents, etc., may be on the receiving end of the withdraw, depression, anger, and anxiety that often accompanies problematic online behavior. IBC faculty considers the impact on the entire family when providing services around problematic online behavior.