Legal and Forensics:

Internet Behavior Consulting understands the complexities of legal cases that involve problematic Internet behaviors and/or the release restrictions placed on individuals regarding their Internet use. IBC faculty provide consultation and training to probation/parole departments, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and others whose job it is to manage clients within the justice system.

IBC provides consultation to attoryneys where cyber-issues are a relevant theme in a legal case. IBC assists individuals (attorneys, judges, the jury, and clients) involved with the legal system to clarify issues regarding technology, sexuality, and the psychology of the Internet. The main services provided include:

Legal Case Review
IBC will review all documents related to the case, conduct necessary research, and generate a report that includes central issues (technological and psychological), point/counterpoint from defense and/or prosecution, overall impressions, recommendations, and resources.

Expert Witness Testimony
If appropriate, IBC can provide expert witness testimony in cases involving illegal behavior related to the Internet, including, but not limited to, cyber-offense behavior involving minors. Legal Case review required (see item above).

Coordination of Forensic Evaluation and Services
IBC can help coordinate psychological assessments, psychological interviews, penile plethysmographs, polygraph examinations, Abel Screens, and other relevant evaluation tools.

IBC will conduct a comprehensive literature review of psychological and technical issues related to the specifics of your particular case. (This does not involve legal research.

Other Services
Internet Behavior Consulting also provides trainings for law enforcement officers, probation and parole departments, and attorneys on topics related to problematic Internet behaviors. IBC can also provide consultation and training to State and National Licensure Boards, Impaired Professional Committees, and others whose job it is to manage clients within government regulated settings. Issues such as investigation, management, intervention, and legal strategies are addressed in IBC trainings. Contact IBC to see how trainings can be customized to the specific needs of the audience.

In more complex cases, IBC has developed a nationwide network of professionals, including law enforcement and forensic specialists that can be consulted if necessary.