Cybersex Unhooked:

A Workbook for Breaking Free from Compulsive Online Sexual Beahvior

The entire workbook is reproduced here in Acrobat (.pdf) format. You must have Adobe Acrobat to read the following files. Unfortunately, hard bound copies of the book are no longer available. Another edition of the workbook is being planned. Check back on the website often to find out when this new workbook might be available.

Feel free to print this workbook or specific chapters that might be useful to your clients. However, as with any reproduction of copyrighted material, we ask that you please give us appropriate credit on the reproduction. Also, feel free to link your website to this page in order to make it easier for your clients to find this resource.

This workbook was written in the spirit of helping those who may struggle with compulsive online sexual behavior. We hope it is useful to individuals, couples, families, and clinicans who are working with this issue.

Book Cover and Frontmatter

Chapter 1: Sharing our Stories

Chapter 2: Understanding Problematic Cybersex Behavior

Chapter 3: Preparing for Change

Chapter 4: Making First Order Changes

Chapter 5: Making the Transition to Lifelong Change and Recovery

Chapter 6: Changing the Way you Live

Chapter 7: Hope and Recovery