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Illegal Images: Critical Issues and Strategies for Addressing Child Pornography Use.

Twenty years ago, the issue of child pornography was limited to helping professionals who specialized in the area of sexual offenses. However, with the widespread use of the Internet and subsequent technologies, child pornography is more available and accessible than ever. As a result, more individuals are entering the mental health and legal system who have viewed child pornography.

The purpose of illegal Images, is to provide helping professionals (e.g., mental health professionals, child advocates, pastoral counselors, and community supervision officers with information regarding the key issues to be addressed when working with anyone viewing online child pornography.

Reading Illegal Images will answer critical questions about this difficult issue and give practical solutions for working with these individuals.



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In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free from Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior (2nd edition) is a text addressing cybersex addiction and related concepts such as internet addiction, computer addiction, pornography addiction, and other issues. It contains screening tests, exercises, and other information for individuals struggling with cybersex addiction or questioning their internet addiction behavior. Can also be a good resource for clinicians wanting to know more about cybersex addiction, screening for cybersex addiction, and other basic internet addiction issues. (Carnes, Delmonico, Griffin & Moriarity, 2007 (2nd Edition) Paperback. (In the Shadows of the Net can be used with the workbook, Cybersex Unhooked)


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Cybersex Unplugged resulted from conversations with individuals who struggle with their online sexual behavior. The consensus from these individuals (and many therapists) was a need for a current workbook addressing the common issues for cybersex compulsivity. This book builds on our experience in sexual compulsivity to focus on the nuances of Internet sexual compulsivity. We break down the complex elements of treating cybersex problems into the basic elements for the individual to address. We also highlight what we think are issues unique to cybersex including topics such as psychology of the Internet, cybersex user categories, and understanding, assessing, and managing your Internet use. This workbook focuses on cybersex; as such it is limited to cybersex. We believe cybersex is a subset of a larger field of sexual compulsivity. This workbook is not meant to address the larger topic of classic sexual compulsivity that is broad, with a variety of factors and addressed in the first book by Dr. Edwards, Living a Life I Love. This workbook also contains material adapted from Dr. Delmonico and Ms. Griffin’s previous book (co-written with Dr. Patrick Carnes), Cybersex Unhooked which is out of print.



Hermes Web is a colorful, plastic tool used to represent the human personality and discuss issues related to cybersex addiction, internet addiction, computer addiction, and sexual addiction. Hermes Web is based on fundamental psychological concepts useful in explaining concepts related to cybersex addiction and can be used as part of screening tests, workbook exercises, and other internet addiction resources. Hermes Web should be used in conjunction with the book and workbook In the Shadows of the Net and Cybersex Unhooked. Visit the Hermes Web website for more information on its use with cybersex addiction issues. http://www.hermesweb.com

Cybersex Clinician Resource Kit
(on CD)

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The Cybersex Clinician Resource Kit (Digital Version)

* Introduction to Cybersex Addiction - A basic article describing methods and venues used to access cybersex

* Cybersex Glossary / Chat Abbreviations

* Selected Cybersex Bibliography

* The Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST) - a quickscreen for cybersex related problems (includes scoring guide)

* The Internet Sex Screening Test - Revised - more extensive assessment of cybersex problems (includes scoring guide)

* Internet Assessment Semi-Structured Interview - an interview protocol based on six themes revolving around cybersex addiction / internet addiction (also includes a Quickscreen form)

* Instructions for using the Hermes Web - a treatment communication tool included with the kit.

* Specific Treatment excercises for working with Problematic Online Sexual Behavior.

* Various online links, articles, & resources for additional information related to cybersex behavior

* The workbook Cybersex Unhooked (PDF version for easy printing of workbook exercises)

* The Clinican Resource Kit also includes a paperback, bound copy of the book In the Shadows of the Net (2nd edition), a paperback edition of Illegal Images,and for a limited time a paperback copy of the Cybersex Unplugged Workbook.

Cybersex Multimedia
Tool & Toy Kit

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Toys and other manipulatives provide a great multimedia method to engage the cybersex user in the therapeutic process and improve the effectiveness of treatment. Multimedia problems, such as cybersex, require metaphorical multimedia methods to allow greater client insight, promote behavior change, and enhance the therapeutic relationship. This toy kit provides one set of seven toys along with a description of each and its relevance to talking to clients or professionals about cyberse behavior. Use these fun, interactive toys to provide individuals with new ways to communicate about complex issues associated with cybersex.

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