In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free from Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior is a book that is written for the individual struggling and questioning their online behaviors. The book will guide you through determining if there is a problem, to what you can do to start a recovery process for cybersex compulsion. Also, a great resource to clinicians wanting to know more about the problem of cybersex compulsivity. (Carnes, Delmonico, Griffin & Moriarity, 2001) Paperback.




Cybersex Unhooked is a companion workbook for In the Shadows of the Net. Filled with exercises and new information to help individuals assess if they have a problem with Internet sexuality and help them overcome the problems associated with problematic online sexual behavior. This entire workbook is offered for FREE as a PDF file by clicking here.


Hermes’ Web is a colorful, plastic toy that represents the human personality, or psyche. The use of Hermes' Web is based on the following fundamental psychological concepts. We often use Hermes Web to explain concepts in our presentation and demonstrate how it can be a useful tool for working with clients who have Internet behavior problems. For more information on Hermes Web and related products, visit the Hermes Web website at http://www.hermesweb.com

Cybersex Clinician Resource Pack

$80.00 / pack

The Cybersex Clinician Resource Pack includes:

* The book In the Shadows of the Net

* The workbook Cybersex Unhooked

* Two laminated resource sheets (one for clinicians and one for clients)

* One Hermes Web (see above for description)

* Introduction to Cybersex - a basic article describing methods and venues used to access Internet sex

*CyberHex and Cybersex User Categories laminated information sheets

* Selected Cybersex/Cybersex Offense Bibliography sheet

* Cybersex Glossary/Chat Abbreviations Cheat Sheet.

* The Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST) - a 34 item quick screen to help determine if your client needs further evaluation

* Full length article discussing the psychometric properties of the ISST

* The ISST Scoring Guide

* One copy of the Internet Assessment Structured Interview - a full interview protocol including 45 items based on six themes, including technology, arousal, secrecy, etc.

* A theme intrepretation guide for the Internet Assesment and a theme note taking sheet.