IBC Seminars, Trainings, & Workshops

Below are some of the seminars, trainings, and workshops that IBC has conducted over the past seven years to a variety of audiences. This list is not exhaustive, and IBC tailors each seminar to meet the needs of your specific group or organization.

In the Shadows of the Net
This interactive seminar provides a live, online demonstration of what professionals need to know about the Internet and how to help those who are trapped in an escalating cycle of denial, isolation, and shame. An overview of why the Internet is such a powerful force and the consequences of problematic use of the Internet is presented. This workshop can be tailored to the specific needs of any helping professional audience. Below are some examples of how this workshop has been tailored to meet the needs of clinicians, clergy, probation/parole, and attorneys.
  Clinicians - In addition to the above description, this workshop focuses on the clinical aspects of treating problematic online behavior. Specifics regarding assessment, treatment, case management, and followup care are emphasized.
  Clergy - In addition to the above description, this workshop focuses on the spiritual aspects of problematic online behavior. Specific issues emphasized inlcude the unique issues associated with clergy and religious systems, incorporation of spirituality into treatment, and the impact of problematic online behavior on clergy, churches, and parishioners.
  Probation / Parole - In addition to the above description, this workshop focuses on the specific issues faced by probation and parole officers. Specifics include prevention and identification of problematic online users, effective management techniques, and the technical/psychological concepts involved in pre-sentence investigations and managing post-adjudicated individuals.
  Attorneys - In addition to the above description, this workshop focuses on information needed by defense attorneys and prosecutors regarding online problematic behavior. Specifics on the language of the Internet, how and where illegal online behavior takes place, profiles of problematic online users, and effective questions for examination and cross-examination are emphasized.
Crossing the Superhighway: Keeping Kids Safe on the Net

This seminar provides critical information about the Internet to individuals who care for and about children. Information presented includes current statistics, danger zone on the net, symptoms of problematic online behavior in these age groups, and specific strategies to identify, assist, and protect children from online problematic behavior and online exploitation.


Families - In addition to the above description, this workshop targets families and others whose primary responsibility it is to care for children. Emphasis is placed on Internet basics, danger areas, prevention, intervention, contracting with children and adolescents about their online use, and resources to keep homes safe from Internet exploitation.

  Schools - In addition to the above description, this workshop helps teachers, guidance counselors, principals and other staff and administration understand the psychological implications of Internet technology in a K-12 setting. Issues presented include child safety, danger zones, blocking software, identifying at-risk kids, and online bullying. The SMART Curriculum by McGraw-Hill is introduced and discussed as a strategy to address all aspects of the Internet in a school system.
Partners of Individuals with Internet Behavior Problems
Partners of individuals with Internet behavior problems are often a challenging group in therapeutic settings. Many times the energy and focus is on the identified patient who has difficulties with the Internet. The issues of the partner are often ignored or minimized in the treatment process. This workshop helps professionals understand the dynamics of the partner, and their contributions to the unhealthy family system. Techniques for getting partners through their own denial and invested in their own therapeutic journey are presented. This workshop can also be tailored for pastoral care providers and spiritual directors to help partners re-connect in a more healthy and spiritual fashion.
Higher Education Institutions
One population particularly vulnerable to problematic online behavior is the college-aged student. Nearly 15 percent of college students meet the criteria for Internet compulsivity, more than double that reported in the general population. Issues that increase a student's vulnerability include easy access, more time online, curiosity, and the belief of invulnerability. This workshop will educate participants about problematic online behaviors, provide assessment tools to identify online risk behaviors, and suggest prevention strategies and resources for the college campus. This workshop can be tailored to the following audiences:
  Students - Self assessment, danger zones, risk behaviors, & resources
  College Counselors - Assessment, intervention strategies, and referrals
  Resident Advisors / Resident Directors - Internet issues in the dorms
  Student Training Programs - Basic knowledge, tools, & techniques
  Faculty / Administrators - Prevention, monitoring, student assistance
Workplace Issues Related to the Internet Problems
Regardless of the size of a company, Internet related problems can lead to decreased productivity, lost money, low morale, unhealthy employees and work environments, and increased liability. Designed specifically for business related professionals, this seminar addresses issues related to problematic online behavior and the workplace. Participants learn strategies for identifying and assisting employees who exhibit symptoms of problematic online behaviors at work.
  Human Resource Professionals- In addition to the above description, this workshop emphasizes prevention, monitoring, and referral strategies for human resource professionals. Specific suggestions will be made on identifying and approaching individuals with Internet behavior problems in the workplace. Participants will practice developing fair and enforceable “Acceptable Use Policies” for their company.
  Employee Assistance Professionals - In addition to the above description, this workshop focuses on prevention and short term intervention strategies, triage assessment skills, and finding resources and appropriate referrals for clients.
Effective Treatment Using Characters, Tools, and Toys
This workshop presents a variety of innovative and fun elements designed to engage clients with problematic online behaviors in the treatment process, and improve the effectiveness of interventions. This workshop introduces "Toys and Tools" that can be used to represent difficult issues facing this group of clients. The Toys and Tools can be used to teach psychological concepts such as emotional intelligence, addictive disorders, the criminal mind, and many others. The Toys and Tools method uses a metaphorical language allowing for greater client insight and increased therapeutic rapport.